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Biodegradable  Eco Glitter for People Who Want to Sparkle With Conscience

Susu's Faery Realm

SuSuMaMa World Wear is delighted to present our new biodegradable eco glitter.

Presented in a choice of 12 colours, in both single pure shades, and blends like 'Unicorn' and 'Mermaid', and in different grades, from chunky, a funky, current disco look, to ultra fine, a mere gossamere smear, these glitters will help you shine without destroying the planet.

Biodegradable eco sparkle fairy glitter

Most glitter is PET based, meaning it is plastic and very damaging to our environment, particularly as it enters the marine eco-system after it is washed off and flows down the plug hole. SUSU’S ECO GLITTER is made from a biodegradable plant-based cellulose and is 100% safe for the environment and our oceans. Suitable for vegans as it is never tested on animals.

Our packaging is also earth friendly and comes in a choice of sweet little corked glass 'Fairy Bottles' or tiny hand crafted recycled paper 'Elf Envelopes'.

biodegrable vegan glitter fairy glass bottle
biodegradable eco glitter elf recycled paper enveloper hand made



“Glitter is like LOVE,

the more you spread it,

the more it Shines”



Welcome to our sparkling world!

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Spread the word...The word is LOVE!!!

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Carli susu
pink fairy glitter bottle
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