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Fair Trade

All garments in our catalogue are manufactured to fair trade guidelines, and are produced by small, local, often family run businesses, based in the countries from which we operate.

In a nutshell, Fair Trade ensures that small scale producers in developing countries get a decent price for goods produced under fair, decent and humane conditions.

Fair trade Criteria
  1. All employees must receive basic wages that are in line with similar occupations locally.

  2. The price of the finished article should directly reflect the man hours put into it's manufacture. A fair price for goods, and direct contact with the workforce, ensures the goods have not been produced exploiting local producers in developing countries.

  3. There must be an awareness, and a positive move towards ensuring that men and women receive equal payment for equal work.

  4. Employees should have protected conditions of employment, and security in their jobs. There should be provisions for sickness to cover loss of earnings

  5. Working hours should be reasonable to allow for leisure time

  6. We deplore the use of child labour, and will not use any manufactures who employ any child under the age of 14 years. Despite the widespread practice of child labour in many developing countries, and the argument that children must work to increase family income, we feel that this practice is cruel and unfair, and does not allow children to develop physically, mentally, spiritually, morally, or socially, as they are meant to. We believe that only by balancing up economic discrepancies through fair trade, will practices like child labour no longer be necessary.

  7. We deal personally, and directly with all our manufacturers and suppliers. We Always pay 50% of the total order price up front, prior to manufacture, and the balance prior to shipping. This is to ensure that the manufacturer and workforce do not incur any debts, or need to take out any loans, in order to complete our goods. We place regular reliable orders.

  8. We try to ensure that no products used in the production of our goods may pollute the environment, or harm individuals working for the manufacturer. Production of our goods, should have no harmful side effects on the environment, through chemicals, pesticides, dyes or waste products. As a small, "hands-on" company, we endeavour to work towards these ideals, and to generate an awareness of these issues when dealing with our manufactures and suppliers.

  9. Our manufactures should employ a heath and safety policy, and all employees Should be made aware of safety standards, and the dangers of machinery and Chemicals used in production. There should be a first-aid box, and someone present trained to know how to administer first-aid. The premises should be electrically safe, and not a fire hazard. There should be adequate exits for the number of employees present.

  10. Drinking water, and adequate sanitation facilities must be provided.

  11. We retain a political consciousness, and do not do business with any manufacturer who supports an oppressive regime. We support any group who's personal liberty is infringed upon. We ensure that profits from our business do not benefit any government or organization who infringes upon human rights.

  12. We believe that the manufacture of our goods should generate income for the local community, and the benefits should have far reaching effects, enriching the quality of life for all the local people, and giving the community a sense of independence and self sufficiency.

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