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Our Environmental  Policy


Having committed ourselves to only supplying glitter that is earth friendly, and in the spirit of totally eliminating plastic from our lives, we are also determined to carry this ethic over to our packaging. After all, what's the point of promoting biodegradable glitter whilst chucking thousands of little plastic pots into the environment?

The idea came when one of our customers remarked how great it was that we are now selling environmentally friendly sparkles, but enquired what the pots we sold the glitter in were made from. Sheepishly, we had to confess, that they were plastic, but vowed to address this issue.

So we have thought carefully and came up with several solutions. The results are our adorable miniature corked glass faery bottles and tiny handmade recycled paper envelopes each of these holds approximately 3 grams of glitter, and are perfect for popping into your purse for a night out.

We've also taken our environmental policy that extra mile, and all our packaging is compostable. We have managed to source biodegradable green bubble wrap for ensuring your little glass bottles arrive safely and all goods will be sent in our handmade Nepali paper envelopes or larger orders in biodegradable plastic bags.


“Spread your LOVE like Glitter, generously & everywhere”

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